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Italian terrorists join ISIS ranks, reports say. PDF Print E-mail
Sep 07, 2014 at 08:57 PM
How can you tell?
It's not just radical Britons or Belgians who have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight with those animals who call themselves combatants for the new Caliphate (oh, give me a break!). Reportedly, there are also about Italians currently in Syria and Iraq now enrolled in the terrorist army of ISIS, the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. But interestingly enough, according to a report in the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, only one in five is from an immigrant family, that is people who were presumably born Muslims.

According to the article, the majority of the fighters, primarily from the north of Italy, especially Brescia, Turin, Ravenna, Venice, Padua and Bologna, are young Italian men who have only recently - and suddenly - converted to Islam. presumably after recruitment via the web.. This should not surprise anyone who has lived in Italy for the last several decades: there were enough extremists in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s to foment domestic terrorism that caused hundreds of deaths and injuries to innocent people. And more recently, anarchists here on a variety of occasions have turned otherwise peaceful demonstrations into riots.

However, these Italian jihadists are not the main concern. Citing information provided in an interview with Italy's Interior (police) minister, Angelino Alfano, the paper said last week that even more worrisome than these people who had gone abroad to fight are the estimated 200 followers who, according to intelligence reports, he says, have elected to come to or stay in Italy to provide logistical, organizational and recruitment support in a territory considered to be a strategic hub.

The implication is that most of these "sleepers" would be terrorists who land on Italian shores mingled in with the thousands of desperate boat-people immigrants and whom it is difficult to pick out and isolate. Warnings of infiltration have been made many times over these past few months as large-scale landings continue butso far this is little concrete information, at least that is available to the public. According to the experts cited by the paper, these people head small fund-raising and recruitment groups and are waiting "underground", for an order to form terrorist micro-cells or to provide logistical support for internationally organized attacks.
In the meantime, there is a further risk that they could become role models for additional recruits.


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