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Keep an eye on (or rather, in) your bill fold.


Keep an eye on (or rather, in) your bill fold. PDF Print E-mail
Jul 21, 2014 at 10:25 PM
Image According to statistics released by the Italian central bank (Banca d'Italia), the number of false euro notes has been increasing rapidly in Italy. During the first six months of this year, the central bank withdrew from circulation more than 74,000 counterfeit banknotes (74,423 to be precise), up 17.2% compared to the first semester of 2013.

Among the banknotes most targeted by counterfeiters are the €20 and €50 notes, although the number of false five euro notes is also rapidly growing.

How to recognize a counterfeit Italian bank note? The European Central Bank has a page that clearly indicates the security features of every euro banknote. And I have also found a video , alas only in Italian, which tells you all that is needed is a bit of scratching.

 But if you find a counterfeit bill, or think you have found one, what are you supposed to do? According to Italian law, it is illegal to use a bill that you know to be false and therefore if you find one in your wallet you are supposed to hand it in to a teller at a bank or a branch of the Italian post office. The problem is that if the bill is discovered t be false, the person who handed it in is out of luck. So the best thing may be not to look to closely and take action only if someone else - a merchant or restaurateur - rejects a bill you have on the grounds that it is counterfeit. 

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