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Romina Power is "finding her father", Tyrone. PDF Print E-mail
Jun 30, 2013 at 04:33 PM

Romina and Al Bano back then
Anyone who has lived in Italy as long as I have could not but know who Romina Power is. By the mid-1970s, the eldest daughter of deceased American movie actor icon, Tyrone Power, was more or less a household name in this country, having soared to the top of the charts as part of a highly successful music and dance team with her then husband, a Pugliese singer almost ten years her senior who went - and goes - by the name Al Bano.

I happen to know Romina personally since following her separation and divorce in the mid nineties, she moved to theTrastevere neighborhood of Rome where I live and took to breakfasting in the same café that I frequented; nowhere as slim as when she held center-stage as Italy's darling, but with the same long hair down her back, she'd come into the café with her dog Floppy and, as fellow Americans, we would share chit-chat and laughs.

Romina today
She was friendly, down to earth, and generally smiling, and this despite a childhood marked by her parents' divorce (her mother was actress Linda Christian) and her father's premature death at age 44 and the real tragedy of her life, the as yet unexplained 1994 disappearance in New Orleans of her 24-year old daughter, Ylenia, the eldest of her  four children.

Tyrone Power
Romina, who these days lives primarily in the U.S., does not like to talk about Ylenia but as far as I know still has hopes of someday finding her. But one thing she has done now is to confront the specter of the father who abandoned her forever that day in Madrid on the on the set of "Solomon and Sheba" (the role was taken over by Yul Brynner).

Using her own memories, interviews with people who knew him and worked with him, and the countless letters that the actor wrote to his friends and family, Romina has now published "Finding my Father" (Bettie Youngs Books, 2013), which the publisher describes as"a work of love, where memories and dreams combine to give readers a truth that only the eyes of a daughter could capture".

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