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Italian women climbing up the corporate ladder...very, very slowly PDF Print E-mail
Oct 25, 2012 at 06:59 PM

A recent study by the Egon Zehnder consulting firm shows that women in Europe now occupy over 15.6% of the seats on the boards of directors of the 353 groups that are worth over four million euros on European stock exchanges.

This may not sound like much but since 2004, there has been a fourfold increase and the change is therefor considered very significant.

As for Italy, here, too, this country has lagged behind much of the rest of Europe. In Italy, only 10 percent (10.6%) of the boards of directors of the 256 largest listed companies on the Italian stock exchange included  are women. 

But optimists nevertheless consider it is a great improvement, and say it shows that companies are moving to see to it that the  women presence on such boards is starting to climb towards the levels set by a new law that went into effect on August 12. The law's goals are for women, first to reach 20% and subsequently two thirds of the positions, on company boards of directors.  The law has set off a debate over whether quotas are useful or not. 

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