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Dec 11, 2010 at 08:59 PM

The annual "liveability" ranking published by the economic daily "Il Sole 24 Ore" says that the Italian province with the worst quality of life is......Naples.

The rating is based on overall living conditions, environment, health, services, employment, business, crime, population density, culture, book sales and volunteer activities. The Italian province with the best quality of life is Bolzano in northern Italy's South Tyrol, which jumped to top position from the 8th spot last year. Second place went to nearby Trento and third to Sondrio, which is also in the North, Last year's number one province, Trieste, fell three steps to fourth position while the 2009 second-place, Belluno, fell eight spots to come in 10th.

Naples always hovered somewhere on the bottom of the list which has been published for the last 20-odd years, but this was the first time it hit rock bottom largely because of high inflation and building costs, high unemployment, a high crime rate and an ecosystem near collapse.

Milan was 21st on the list, and Rome - which last year was 26th, dropped 11 places to 35th place. Venice dropped three places to 46th and Turin jumped 14 positions to 54th . Bologna gained five positions to make it into the top ten at the number eight spot, while seventh place went to Oristano, in Sardinia, which made a startling jump of 18 positions.

Sassari, also in Sardinia, made the biggest overall jump, 38 places from 79th to 41st, while Campobosso, in Molise, lost the most ground, tumbling 47 places, from 33rd to 80th .


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